kasra medical laboratory

Deficit medical diagnosis laboratory is taken according to a pre-defined program in the written examination of the objectives. Improving the quality of laboratory services is such that we always have quality and indicators for quality evaluation.

Increasing the satisfaction of the people who are connected with this center in a way that we can increase our power in meeting their constant needs. Achieving the above goals has always been the goal of the management and all the employees of Kasri Laboratory, and with all our heart, we seek the conditions that facilitate the achievement of these goals.

The active departments of this laboratory are:

  • » the reception

  • » Responsiveness

  • »Sampling

  • » Routine biochemistry

  • » Dedicated biochemistry

  • » Hormonology

  • » hematology

  • » Serology

  • » Immunology

  • » bacteriology

  • » Mycology

  • » parasitology

  • » Electrophoresis

  • » Pathology

  • » Molecular diagnosis

  • » quality control