The reception unit of Kasri Limited Surgery Center has an English and Arabic translator and is ready to serve Iranian and foreign patients every day.

Hospital admission guide

Non-emergency with prior appointment:

With the presence of the patient in the center and holding the sick letter from the attending physician and coordinating with him, the treatment of the disease is done.

Necessary documents for illness:

Insurance patient:

National card, insurance introduction letter, medical treatment (for more information about the contracting party’s insurances and when to submit the introduction letter, contact the admission unit or refer to the contracting party’s insurance page.)

Non Insurance patient:

National card, medical order (hospitalization)

It is necessary to have all the medical documents and the list of medicines taken at home with the patient.

Hospital during illness, illness in hospital:

Companion of the patient:

One companion is allowed in double rooms and maximum two companions in special rooms

Responsibility for keeping money and valuables:

The patient and his companion are responsible for keeping all valuables, including gold and jewelry, bank checks, money, mobile phones, etc.

How to contact the patient in person or by phone:

In unauthorized cases, according to the need to visit the patient in person, by visiting the nursing office and coordinating with the regulations and relevant departments, they visit the patients.

If there is a need to contact the patient from outside the hospital, the call is made by taking the hospital numbers and saying the patient’s room number

. Serving time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and menu selection:

Breakfast from 5:45 to 6:45

Snack 9-10 and 14-15

Lunch 11:45 to 13

Dinner 19:00 to 17:45

The diet of the patient is registered by the nurse according to the doctor’s order daily in the system of the nutrition unit. If there is a need for the patient to fast, the responsible nurse will inform the patient.

Mineral water is charged daily in the refrigerator.

If needed, tea service is available to the patient outside of the scheduled reception times (snacks), by contacting the hospitality unit of the relevant floor.

After the completion of the patient admission process, one of the welcoming personnel will accompany the patient to the desired room.

All the necessary information about the use of elevators, emergency stairs leading to the ward and also the initial introduction of the ward are given to the patient.

Then it will be introduced and handed over to the supervisor or shift manager of the relevant department.

In each department, the supervisor is responsible for the department. And the patient can raise his problems with the head of the ward in addition to his responsible nurse. (If the problem is not resolved, the complaint handling system is at your service around the clock)